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Tanis vs The Last Movie

I'm starting to feel like I'll never stop talking about this stuff. I know I've railed on and on about Tanis and its numerous problems, even sworn to stop listening once or thrice. But there's just something about the material... Continue Reading →

Fuck the FCC

Some people are just bullshit. Today goes down in history as yet another attempt by politicians to try and turn the world into a Dystopia, to an Orwellian degree. And should that actually come to pass, we'll hark back to December 14th... Continue Reading →

Reviews: A Review

Now that we're all married and happy together, maybe some writing can happen around here. In planning what to write about here, I've started to notice a trend, at least in the things I write. It's a lot of reviews... Continue Reading →

Lesson Learned

This was a weird year. Working on this blog has become one of the many joys in my life. It helps me feel productive and it's great writing practice. I'm tossing out passive voice and thwarting wordiness for when it... Continue Reading →

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