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Kingdom Hearts III: The End is the Beginning (Spoilers)

It took ten years and then several weeks following the release for me to finally beat Kingdom Hearts III due to only having a sparse amount of time to play the game, but we finally did it. For some, it... Continue Reading →

I Promise to Consume…

Christmas and I have a weird relationship these days. Like the song said, It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I'm learning to better appreciate the cold (since Global Warming is inevitably screwing up Summer for the Earth), and... Continue Reading →

You’re Welcome

I will never not be late for something that's culturally relevant, but this one I was within a few weeks at least. I knew I would see Moana before it got out of theaters, I just needed the money. Finally,... Continue Reading →

The Musical of Notre Dame

I love me a good musical I also love singing, if unprofessionally, and one of my favorite things to sing is Hunchback of Notre Dame, at least in the privacy of my own car. To the movie soundtrack, not the... Continue Reading →

A Whole New Animal

Spoiler Alert This is a great fucking movie. It's not the best movie I've ever seen, but it's pretty great. Disney really delivers with Zootopia, making a film both enjoyable and topical. I'm always surprised when I realize just how... Continue Reading →

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