Hey there.

Yea, I’m still here. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, right? Maybe not for some readers out there, but I’ve been working hard on my new job in the hospital.

Things are going well, I’m learning something new and get a little better at the job each day. Even still, I went from doing 5k-7k steps a day transporting to like 16k a day, blowing up my FitBit. Can’t complain to all the doctors and nurses out there, but it’s relative. I doubled my walking, and doubled the amount of work I do. It’s less stressful – I’m not responsible for patient care anymore, and there are drastically less bodily fluids to dodge, but you’re running for eight hours straight.

So I’ve been tired, thus the lack of content here. I come home, throw my stuff down and find the nearest soft surface to lounge on. I’ve been trying to stay dedicated, but I just haven’t had the mental energy to write something thought-provoking when I get home.

I’m hoping that changes with time as things become easier, but for now, I plan on mostly writing things on the weekends, when I have time to recover. I’ll try to post SOMETHING at least once a week. I make no promises, but I’m really trying, with the new job, school starting tomorrow, and working on the book that will hopefully let me quit that job and live the rest of my days in literary riches. Lofty dreams, but that’s what we do around here.

Thanks for sticking with me. If you’re bored and shove off, that’s totally fine, but I’ll still be here, running all day and writing stuff.