Life has many doors, Ed-boy. That’s a joke only 90s kids might get, but it applies. A lot of things have changed in the past few weeks, and I thought it best to warn everyone around my blog that it may not just be the backgrounds changing (although it really does look better, doesn’t it?) So indulge me while I take a moment to fill you in on the newest chapter of this ongoing story.

Moving On Up

Many of you may know I work as a Patient Transporter in a hospital. I’ve loved this job, but that’s all about to change. I just accepted a position in Supply Chain, at the same hospital, but now in a different department. You know those small, numinous moments when you feel your life click into a new phase – that things will never be the same. That’s what I’m dealing with the next few weeks, but it’s a positive change. I’m ready for it.

At my current job, it’s either feast or famine. Somedays, you don’t sit down for several straight hours. Other days, you may have a lot of down time. To prepare for this instance, I usually bring my computer and things to do just in case the day turns out to be slow. That allows me to get some writing done at work, even watch the occasional TV show or movie for something to post. However, from what I’ve learned about my new position stocking supplies for all the floors, there may be little to know down time. That works just fine for me, the shifts will go by a little faster, but that also means I won’t have nearly as much time to devote to writing to this blog. At least, during the hours I’m at work.

That doesn’t mean I’m closing shop or leaving the blog, but I can’t be sure about how the change will affect the frequency of content on this site. I love my blog and I love working on it, I don’t plan to stop working on it in the future, but my time might be a little split, and posts may some less frequently. I’m not saying that will happen, I will try with all my might not to let that happen, but I can’t make any promises. I want to give everything fair warning in case things slow down a little, but there’s no way of knowing until we start the new job in two weeks. Stick around, I promise I’m not leaving. I only ask you to be patient and keep a sharp eye out. Not too bad, right?

The Dream

On another note, it may not be the only thing that directly effects this blog.

I think it’s really the dream of all writers to publish a novel, or something of similar pedigree. Writer’s want to write, and the culmination of that writing usually ends in a book. That’s what I want, and I’m more determined than ever to make that happen. Many who know me will remember I’m a regular participant of Nanowrimo every November, but as much fun as that is, I really want something to come of it. The last idea I worked on last year was one of my favorites – I love the characters in a way that I haven’t before. I’ve been picking away at it the last few months, but I really want to dedicate myself to getting something written and starting to write a full first draft, something I can edit and move forward with. We’ve had to change the entire story from the ground up (with Sam’s help), but now we have something that could make people happy.

Economy talks about something called “opportunity cost”, which I’m sure most of you know. For those who need a refresher, something you make always costs as much as the next most expensive thing you could have made. If I take wood and make a dresser, then I can’t make a table with that same wood, I’ve made that choice. Perhaps a weird example, but I think it applies here. Since I really want to work on this book and make some headway, that just means even less time I have to work on posts. Like I said before, we’re going to stick around, I like writing here far too much to give it up. But I also said I didn’t plan on keeping a schedule, so I might have to reference that now.

Plus, I hoped I could make it an interactive experience. I was thinking about self-publishing, and so as I finish pieces of the new novel, I can post them for people to read. Maybe here? I wasn’t sure yet, I have to really start working on the draft first. But I hope it’s something we can all be involved in. I could always use the feedback.

Keep Moving Forward

This year’s politics suck so far and things are stressful. But that doesn’t mean we can just lie down and give up. It certainly doesn’t mean we must let go of our dreams, we just have to accommodate them. To that end, we’re getting a new, better paying job and working on the dream book. The best way to screw over people trying to put you down is to continue to succeed, so that’s what we’re going to do. Thanks to everyone for sticking around, I hope everyone continues to do so. I’ll always be here, just in and out for the next little bit while I straighten my life out. As always, remember…

Keep moving forward.