That’s it, I’ve had enough. We’re making a segment.

The past few weeks have been dismal on the political front, and things are rapidly getting worse. It’s stressful and confusing – sometimes you just want to turn your head. Considering all the recent changes, I’m bringing back this title and kicking off a segment that we can take forward, because it still applies. Here, we can discuss the latest in the swirling cesspool that is the US government, and perhaps try to make some sense of everything that’s happened in this fucked up world we created.

Without further ado, let’s get this thing rolling. What disgraceful things have we engaged with this week?

Punching Hitler

I love this video.

Richard Spencer, prominent leader of the “Alt-Right” movement and coiner of the term, was punched on inauguration day during a television interview. He walked away mostly unharmed, but was punched again later that same day.

The title may be a little misleading – he’s not actually Hitler, but I have a feeling the two would have been cohorts. Spencer runs the National Policy Institute, a “white-nationalist” organization devoted to granting more rights to whites. I use quotes because “white-nationalist” is political-ese for white supremacist, or Nazi for short. He denies being a Neo-Nazi, but that sounds like something a Neo-Nazi might say. No one would admit to that, but ask him what he thinks about POCs and people that aren’t white Christians, and the truth comes out.


I’m not so much concerned with the actual punching of Richard Spencer, which I find deeply satisfying – I’m more interested in the outcry and fallout from the event. Conservatives voiced their disapproval of Spencer’s treatment, citing that violence isn’t the answer against those you don’t agree with. That’s true, to some degree, and has once again raised the question, “Is it acceptable to punch Nazis?”

It never fails to make me laugh, although without humor. What would our great-grandparents and grandparents think if we told them we had sold America to fascists and Nazis? About how the sacrifice and struggle of the Greatest Generation was all for nothing, and we had allowed their ideology to infest and infect the country they fought and died to protect? They would have, rightfully, spit in our faces. For all the conservatives who think they have the sole right to be patriotic, to support veterans and soldiers fighting for “freedom”, they need to take a long hard look at their values.

So, is it okay to punch a Nazi? Short answer: yes. Long answer? Think about what Richard Spencer represents, about the things he’s said. He views banning dark skinned people and Muslims from the country as the beginning of “The Great Purge”. He believes the world would be better off without POC (people of color), and that if we can’t be rid of them, they should serve white people, and perhaps they were better off enslaved. Same goes for LGBT and Jews, they’re all in the same boat to him and his followers.


Rationality has memory. When you prove something to be true, like that everyone deserves human rights for example, that means you don’t have to ask that question again later. You’ve already arrived at the conclusion – there’s no further investigation required. We’ve already agreed that people, no matter who they are or where they’re from, deserve certain unalienable rights. Giving time for Nazi’s and supremacists to express themselves through media is essentially asking the question again, even though we’ve already moved on beyond that point. Those people perhaps have those same unalienable rights of expression, true, but no one killed Richard Spencer. They didn’t detain him, oppress him, or take away his right to speak. He has the right to whatever crockery he wants to believe in, but we don’t have to give him the time of day. If he isn’t willing to guarantee the safety and well-being of people different than him, then we cannot guarantee his. People deserve rights to happiness and liberty, that’s the soul of our nation. It will not be equivocated on, it is indisputable fact. His is a message of fear and oppression. It doesn’t deserve the brain power required to mull it over. End of story.

Violence should always be a last resort, but Richard Spencer’s cognitive dissonance makes him immune to reason. If he wants to continue spreading his insanity, you can feel comfortable ignoring it. I don’t condone violence, even toward your enemies. But that doesn’t mean I’m losing sleep over his black eye. I hope it’s a painful reminder of what he’s doing to the people we oppress. Him and his ilk don’t own the monopoly on patriotism, and like it or not, we are the voice of the future. All he’s done is secure the villain’s role in the history books of our children and their children. Talk shit, get hit, Richard. If you don’t like it, try not being an asshole.


The Broken Promise

Correlated to the now legendary punching of Richard Spencer, Trump fulfilled his wishes, despite our best efforts.

January 28th marked the beginning of an executive order, signed by the President, barring refugees from entering the country for 120 days, while also banning entry for all other travelers from seven predominately Islamic countries for 90 days. The order allows officials to detain and interrogate immigrants and refugees, even if they have visas and certified green cards, and even deport them back.

No need to be scholarly here – this is pure horseshit.

Perhaps not the most prolific thing I’ve ever written, but profanity exists in the space of the unspeakable. There’s no better way to put it.


“But Greyson, it’s only 120 days. The other one is only 90, even less. It’s not like it’s forever.” – A Fool, 2017

That’s what they say now, but understand, Trump broke America’s promise as soon as he signed that order, no matter how short it appears. What is that promise? The one written on the Statue of Liberty, that we would be a refuge for the oppressed and downtrodden – a welcome home to those seeking a better life free from tyranny and fear.

Action like this is purely proof of concept. If they can get away with something like this, what’s to stop them from extending the date? What about making the ban indefinite until further notice? They have no reason not to continue the ban, unless we interfere. In that way, the ban could very well be forever, unless we make our voices heard.

This is proof, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Trump and his cabinet are nothing but spineless cowards, thumbing the coins in their pockets while they watch the world burn. Being poor, being dark skinned, being non-Christian – these are quickly becoming punishable offences under the new regime. For people that claimed to make America great again, their vision sure does look like Germany in 1941 under fascism when everything’s said and done. Be sure to keep in mind that the countries included on the ban list have never once yielded someone who committed a fatal act on American soil. Not a one. The countries excluded from the list, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, have yielded thousands of attacks. Now how does that work?


Maybe because Trump has prominent business dealings and properties in those countries. Think about that for a minute.

Moments after signing the order, people were stopped and detained in airports across America, most notably at big airports like JFK. Detainees included women and young children who had no contact with their receiving families for hours while being interrogated about their knowledge of ISIS, their thoughts on President Trump, and their affiliations outside the United States. All of whom were terrified that one wrong answer might send them back to the country they were fleeing from, places where they no longer had homes to return to while they fled from ISIS.

And what about ISIS? All they have to do now is quote the President verbatim and they have instant recruitment material. The best way to radicalize people is to treat them like animals, deny them rights, and send them back into a war zone after they came here seeking asylum. Way to go, Donald, making America “safe” again, you tool. You want to make America great like it was for you, what about when it was great for us? It wasn’t perfect, but people could come here with some ambition of escaping persecution. This is despicable and cowardly. The land of the free and the home of the brave is so easily signed away with the chicken-scratch of Trumps tiny, orange, sausage hands.



Thomas Jefferson wrote, “When law becomes injustice, resistance becomes duty.” That’s a founding father, a progenitor of our nation. Those words have never been more true. Somedays, it all feels like too much. Every news update I get is about the fallout of a Trump decision, or a new one with horrifying consequences. It feels like a flood of negativity – that’s the point. The GOP want to overwhelm you, break you down and make you feel hopeless, that they’re the only ones that can right the wrongs. But in these moments, it’s important to take a step back, breath deep, and step back into the fray. We will not stop resisting, we cannot. Four years is nothing against the future of our children, and their children.

Sometimes we forget that we elected the President. We may have given him the keys, but nowhere in the Constitution does it say the President is the Supreme ruler. Like it or not, Donald Trump must answer to you, to all of us – it is the nature of the position he holds. He and the GOP think they own the rights to patriotism, that they own the rights to the Constitution, and what it means to be American. But when you ally yourselves with Nazis and cowards, you forfeit that right. America belongs to her people first, and thus, Donald Trump must serve us: the liberals, the millennials, the activists, the scientists, the oppressed, the poor, the incarcerated, the persecuted, the true blood of the nation.


You can see it now, all over America. Protesters dominated the streets on inauguration day, and the airports when Trump signed the Muslim ban. If the GOP try to make you feel bad for making your voice heard, remind them that they would have done the same thing had Hilary won the election. To protest is our right unalienable, something they cannot take away from you. Use it.

The arc of the universe does bend toward justice, if slowly. At JFK airport, crowds grew from sparse hundreds to three thousand protestors, holding up traffic and making their thunderous voices heard. Lawyers flocked to the airport as well, assisting scared families pro bono as they tried to ensure the safe release of the detainees to their loved ones. Even in my state of Colorado, protestors locked hands to protect Muslims while they prayed in the middle of DIA. A powerful symbol of solidarity and deference, and something our nation can finally be proud of.

Remember, Trump is the President, but he answers to us. Four years may seem like a long time, but our collective spirit is unbreakable – indomitable. It is more powerful than fear, than rhetoric, than money, than any other tool Trump has at his disposal.

Check out the videos below for details on how to be American.

Stay strong and stay tuned. Protest. Resist.