Yes, yes, I’m still alive.

Life’s tangled web has been especially entangling this week. I’ve had a small personal goal of trying to post something twice a week, but all facets of my recent life have been busy, and I haven’t found the time the write or experience things to write about. So allow me to present a not-so-good excuse for my absence lately.

First, my cat.

I have two beautiful cats, who are, without a doubt, the most beautiful cats in the world. I am sure there are other cats who claim this title with ribbons or other accolades, but they only have those awards because my cats have not yet come into their own. My one darling, little Luna, runt of her litter, was sick all this week with some mysterious illness. Usually rambunctious and energetic, she had taken to staying in one spot, unmoving, and wasn’t finishing her meals. This was extraordinary since she usually devours food like a hedonist at the last banquet, so we took her to the vet and found that she had a fever for whatever reason. We’ve kept a careful eye on her for a few days now that she’s had some medicine, and I’m happy to report that she’s feeling much revived and back to her old meddlesome self.

There’s also the curious case of the missing graphics that are still left unaccounted for. It’s something I’ve been thinking about the past week. If I have the time, I’ll get back to them and remake them, but since I would have to find all of those images again (since I’m dumb and saved nothing) it will take me just as long as it did the first time. I’m more concerned with creating new content and new graphics, so for now, I’ll admit defeat. If I can, I’ll put the graphics back. If not, I’ll focus on what’s ahead and not worry about it. I’m sad about the loss, but recapturing the magic of those dumb little pics I made is looking harder than I initially thought.

Other distractions this week include applying for a new, better-paying position at the hospital I work at while also going to a cake tasting with Sam to decide on the flavor of cake for our wedding come June. The choice was tough, but we managed to hash it out over pointed words and a pistol duel. Thus, the week has left me little time to write, which always puts me in the worst mood, but we’re going to try and do better next week. I have posts in the works and am watching some new things. Expect me back soon with the usual weird stuff we talk about here, and thank you for being patient!

P.S. Only after writing this did I realize how weird it all sounded. Sam and I started watching A Series of Unfortunate Events last night on Netflix, and I think I still have Limony Snickets particular cadence still trapped in my head. It will fade, I promise (hopefully).