Happy Holidays Folks!

To all of the new traffic, thanks for stopping by and having a read, I hope no one’s too offended by some of the articles. It’s all good, different opinions make discourse, that’s part of the reason we started writing here, to create some discussion and dream about things. Whether you agree or not, welcome and thanks for stopping for a read.

I’m working on posts, no one pack up and leave yet, I’m doing the best I can. Honestly, I don’t really like this time of year. After my birthday in October, things are just crazy until the end of the year, with Nanowrimo, work, school,  and the holidays with a lot of family. To add insanity to craziness, my wife’s been sick with a sinus infection all week and I’ve been coming off of a cold, so posting things has been an issue.

But things are in the works. Hang out and I promise there’s more stuff to come. To those who just stopped by for a second, thanks for coming by. To everyone who hangs around after the fact, welcome and we’re glad to have you! ❤