Well, I tried.

We did Nano this year, but we didn’t quite make it, I was about 20k off by the end. But 30k words is nothing to sneeze at, so I’m proud of what I managed despite the fact. If people want to check out some of the rough stuff I worked on, head over to Wattpad and take a look at Redleaf. Have a read, leave a nice comment, or a mean one that will be ignored. Expect future updates on the story, I really like it.

But now that November is finally behind us (What a bullshit month this has been), I’m excited to come back and complain about politics, things I watch and read, ya know, what we do around here. I’m not sure what we’ll talk about first, but we have a little to catch up on, so I’m excited. For those who stuck around, thanks for hanging in there. I’ll be back soon!