Professional Daydreaming


July 2016

The Life and Death of Twilight: Part 1

I have read all of the Twilight books. I have not seen all of the movies, since they tend toward the stupid when you get passed the third one (pretty stupid getting to that point, but still tolerable). I used... Continue Reading →


The Littlest Update

Okay, I think I might have goofed a little. Let's get real for a second, I still stand by what I said about the opening episodes to Stranger Things. The show has a really slow start, and it's just so... Continue Reading →

Stranger Things: The Worst Show on Netflix?

See I did It again. I am so good at this. I'm going to out myself right now, I didn't watch all the way through this show. In fact, I didn't even make it through the second episode. Because of... Continue Reading →

VOLTRON: The Best Show on Netflix?

I'm really going try hard more for views right now with the title. Did I do that right? Asking another open ended and polarizing question to bring people in? It feels cheap. I feel cheap... But seriously, this show is... Continue Reading →

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