As an amateur journalist, I try my best not to sensationalize. It’s easy to be swept up in the rhetoric, and since the major new network only deal with sensationalism, it’s up to other people (like me) to talk about topics with a sense of realism and poise.

Yet there are times when there is a crisis, and we humans, blessed with the powers of language, must use those powers to alert peers and strangers alike of imminent danger. So here we are…

This is not a drill.

We are at DEFCON 2.

We face a serious threat to the safety of our nation.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee.

The Fool Among Us

For those who have been following the blog from its inception, I would like to say thank you for sticking around. It is to you, those few that read this and take it seriously that I appeal to. Just because I once said that I understand the appeal of his campaign does not mean that I intend to let this travesty take place. There is a fool among us, and he aims to wrestle control of the free world away from the people.

Trump is not necessarily a monster, but he’s the least human human that I can imagine, and if it needs to be said, it bares saying again. Donald Trump is a pathetic excuse for a candidate in a party that was once great and now senses the end from within its own ranks. He is racist, sexist, ableist, and all other kinds of -ists that we can refer to him by. There is no plan to “make America great again”, there is no “good deal” we need to make in order to win back the country from “them dirty ferrners”. There is only an ego with terrible hair that seeks to undermine all that this nation, great or not, stands for.

This warning doesn’t apply to Democrats, but to all politically minded people that plan to vote. If Republicans want their party to be respectable again, they have this one opportunity to see things right. If Democrats want to go on about changing the nation for the better, here is a great place to start. Through bipartisan effort, here now than ever before, we can ensure that America is not remembered for the next four years as the country that saw a leader in Donald Trump.

Make America Great Again?

This slogan is already a falsehood. There is nothing real about this statement, it’s populist rhetoric fed to the scared and downtrodden to convince them that there was some “Golden Age” in our history that we need to reclaim. To those who agree with this, I ask you, to what age is he referring? What moment in history is generally remembered as the best moment in our history? Where do we need to go back too?

This is where the slogan falls apart, because there is no agreed upon age that we need to return to. This is fundamentalism in its simplest form. “We were once great, but no longer, thus we must regain what we have lost”. And what would that be? Is it pride in our nation? We’ve always had that? Is it financial success? People make the most money now than they ever have in the past? Is it a return to conservative values? Trump resents a lot of those ideals, he’s an anti-establishment candidate.

So what is he referring to exactly? To me, it’s a fantasy moment in the memories of many people. There was a simpler time, one where the sun was bright and the grass was gold and America was at the top of the world. But this time never existed. The cold truth about America is that we have a complicated past. People don’t like to think about it, we try to erase it at every opportunity. We don’t want to teach Civil Rights in schools, we want to make lesson plans more “patriotic” to try and make ourselves feel better about the pain and injustice we’ve sown since the inception of our country.

But we can’t escape from this reality as much as we could escape from being human. We have made mistakes and we are responsible for acknowledging and making amends. Trump would like you to forget that we ever did anything wrong, but we can’t forget how we displaced millions of Native Americans and attempted to erase their culture from history. We can’t forget how we endorsed slavery in so many forms throughout the years, from plantations to Jim Crow laws. We cannot forget that for so many, this historical struggle is still ongoing, even in the “enlightened” year of 2016. We still shoot unarmed black men, we still look down on Mexican Americans, we still attempt to relegate Native Americans and their people to the footnotes of history.

Trump does not give a shit about any of these people and their problems. He might say that he’s popular with him, but everyone knows he isn’t, and his demographic doesn’t want him to be. He only says that to keep face. The biggest concern he’s ever had for other races is which employees to not hire.

Bad Deal

Discussions on policy is almost irrelevant since there isn’t really much to talk about. Vagueness is the stable of the Trump campaign, anything can be changed at a moments notice just in case public opinion starts to shift.

What about women’s problems? He was for abortion, then against, then for with punishment, then against, then for… On and on. It’s not that Trump has a position about abortion or women’s issues, like pay inequality, it’s that he simply doesn’t care. They can do whatever they want, just as long as someone votes for him. Whatever the voters want to hear, he’s happy to say.

And what about his actual demographic? Older, white, heterosexual, working men vote for him in droves. Surely they are receiving something from his presidency, right?

Probably not. See, Donald Trump has never cared about anyone that makes less than 100k a year. He cares about his hotels and his brand and his image, but nothing about the people that support him. There’s no money coming down from on high, no assistance for those struggling to pay their rent or student debt. Only the assurance that at the very least, they can be racist and sexist with the support of the White House, which for some is good enough. On this blog, we don’t talk about Hitler lightly. I’m here to say that Trump isn’t Hitler, because he isn’t there yet. But the whole idea of #NeverAgain and those sentiments from the Greatest Generation is to recognize the signs we see them. Donald Trump has ’em, so it’s our responsibility to stop this before it goes any further.

A Call to Arms

The time for in-party fighting has passed. Political discourse is fine and it’s a tool that we need more of, but no matter what happens, the time to wait it out on the fence has passed. I support Sander, anyone who follows this blog will know that, but there will be no President Trump if I can help it. No matter how much I support Bernie, if he doesn’t receive the nomination, I will vote for Hillary without hesitation. We didn’t want to be in this moment again, but it is out of our control, so we must once again choose the lesser of two evils. To all Democrats, to all independents, to all disenchanted Republicans, I say this. 

You must vote.

For whom doesn’t matter, as long as it isn’t Donald Trump. The strongest political movement is the union against a common foe, and we are now united in this common cause.

Trump is a racist.

Trump is a sexist.

Trump is ableist.

Trump only cares about himself.

Trump only cares about the wealthy.

Trump doesn’t care about climate change.

Trump will infect the US Justice System with his own brand of stupid by electing Supreme Court justices that will adhere to his brand skewed thinking.

Trump is maggot on the oozing corpse of the GOP; an orange, fuzzy cyst on the ass of Democracy. The only way to prevent the infectious sepsis from taking root is to excise the problem, and the way to do that is to vote and bar Trump from the White House.

And there’s nothing sensational about that.