Professional Daydreaming


May 2016

Overwatch: A Better Team Fortress

I played the heck out of the Overwatch beta, as did my wife and my friends. We were really enjoying the experience, and now that it's ended (and left a gaping whole in my heart) all we can do is... Continue Reading →


Bible 2.0

Driving down to work today with my fiancĂ©, early in the morning, the conversation can involve a lot of things. It can be about the day ahead, it might be about story ideas or creative things. It could be silence... Continue Reading →

The Sum of All Fears

As an amateur journalist, I try my best not to sensationalize. It's easy to be swept up in the rhetoric, and since the major new network only deal with sensationalism, it's up to other people (like me) to talk about... Continue Reading →

Force of the Gathering

I really like card games. I learned to play poker first when I was little so my Dad could teach me numbers (and also good poker hands). I picked up Pokemon when it was all the rage in the 90s,... Continue Reading →

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