A Joke That Was Never Funny

I think I speak for all of us when I say this has gone on long enough.

Last night’s performance at the Republican Debate in Detroit was just that, a performance. But we’re entering into a new phase of the stage comedy that’s been the race for the Republican nominee. For the first time, like a sad clown, we’re beginning to see Donald J. Trump deflate like an old balloon.

For his supporters, this will be just one more mute tone in the white noise of scrutiny against Trump, something they can just block out. But as the months continue to go by and Trump continues to lead in the polls, and after Trumps weak showing at the debate, it’s time to go on the offensive.

No more tough guy act.

No more childish name calling.

Time for action.

Take Him Down a Peg

As much as I despise what Fox News stands for, they managed to come out and do some journalism in a rare showing last night and started to plug the hard questions at Trump. Not any of the other candidates (Because they represent the establishment and they want the other candidates to win), but at Trump, with whom they’ve had a tenuous relationship. Trump represents upheaval, a wild card with a knack for stirring the pot, something that Fox News and its base fear above all else, perhaps even more than Hilary Clinton or the liberal media engine (apparently).

As nice as it was to see the facts come out, particularly about Trump’s education reform and Trump University, the debate still devolved into a food fight, minus Kasich, who continued to set himself apart from the infighting. With Rubio and Cruz both trading blows with Trump, I submit that we’re beginning to see some weakness in Trumps tough guy persona.

As it turns out, like so many other men before him, all you have to do is talk about his penis.

Masculinity is so fragile, and although I thought it was a nice jab and it yielded an uncomfortable response from Trump as he tried to reassure the audience of his “size”, I think it’s a comment that signals that the line has finally been crossed. Perhaps now is the time to speak out at last and say this is not the candidate that we want in office.

Because the tough guy attitude is his thing, right? That’s what his platform is. Not politics or policy, quite the opposite. He’s selling his brand to the radical Right, and since the beginning of his campaign, they’ve been buying in droves. But even those furthest on the Right might have to concede that they would rather not have a candidate that might get uncomfortable with something as juvenile as a penis jab, especially in international sectors. And not so much that it made him uncomfortable (he said that he wasn’t, but the fact that he had to stipulate with the extra comment about his size means it’s something he cares enough about to bring back up), it was the fact that he allowed himself to go there. The tough guy would have blown right passed a comment like that, but he kept with it because he thought it would make him look like a badass.

Sorry, Donny, you look like a middle schooler.

Furthermore, Cruz and Rubio both looked much more comfortable on stage last night. Cruz struggles to be witty when he’s trying to insult Trump(Breath, Trump, Breath), but in a rare moment of humanity, the robot formally known as Marco Rubio looked fairly at ease trading some comments with Donald. The comment about Yoga and flexibility was a nice dig, but more effective was his attack on Trump University, to which Donald, like always, had a lack luster answer for.

I’m not sure this message will change any minds, and perhaps it doesn’t have to. But I’m compelled to speak out because of this platform. I can write, and therefore I have to say.

Donald Trump, it’s time to pack it in.

What Must Be Said

We can’t have a candidate that gets flustered when up against the ropes. We can’t have a so called “business genius” with four bankruptcies and so many other failed business ventures continue to sell us on a lie. We cannot have a candidate who feels like he always has to have the last word trying to negotiate with other powerful nations. It’s not a business deal, it’s diplomacy, which for all of your long years of life, you have no experience in. Not the kind of diplomacy where you can strong arm all the lesser companies into submission, the global sphere is a brand new ball game, and you’re stuck in the little leagues.

I’m not saying that I like Rubio or Cruz any better, but as politicians, they’re nothing like Trump. They have practice when dealing in moments of weakness, they have a team of handlers that can real them in before they do something that puts other people in jeopardy. Trump is a host unto himself, with too much ego to need other people to help speak for him, which is his downfall. If other people spoke for him, then he would be truly unstoppable to the candidacy. Using his own words, he proves he’s nothing more than a con-man with no substance.

So it’s time to pull back the veil, America. There is no tough guy, there never was. All Donald has ever been is an inflated ego with a lot of hot air. There was never a suave business executive, just a small man with a lot of borrowed money calling himself rich. In the coming years, Donald J. Trump will be an embarrassing footnote in the annuls of American history, a time where the country briefly gave way to the rantings of a hate-mongering racist so far up his own ass he’s swimming in his own bullshit. And after a failed run for president, a disgraced Trump will try to re-enter the business world having to hang his head low while all of those who believed he could do anything step to the sidelines so Trump can march into the mists of obscurity.

I would say I’m sorry, Donny, but I’m not. If I were you I might stop worrying about the size of “little Trump tower”. It may be pretty small, but I assure you, the fall of the Trump brand into irrelevancy will be anything but.