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March 2016

Maddening (Mad Men Pilot)

As I've said before, the thing that I can't stand most in this world is being left out of the loop. It's a bit of a character flaw, but when I look back, that was how I made friends. People... Continue Reading →

Don’t Freak Out

For Bernie Sanders supporters, Tuesday night's primaries were a sobering experience. Although Sen. Sanders was close in many of the states, having closed much of the gap from Clinton's previous lead, it wasn't quite enough to take the majority of... Continue Reading →

So You Want to be a Superhero? (Part 4)

Well, here we are, at the final step. You're so close, but you have one more problem to face before you're ready to hit the streets and make your mark. You thought you finally had it. You've got defense, you've... Continue Reading →

The House, United

Spoiler Alert I've read a lot of things that have said this new season of House of Cards, Season Four, was just as good as the first one, which was arguably the best. I'm here to tell everyone reading this... Continue Reading →

A Whole New Animal

Spoiler Alert This is a great fucking movie. It's not the best movie I've ever seen, but it's pretty great. Disney really delivers with Zootopia, making a film both enjoyable and topical. I'm always surprised when I realize just how... Continue Reading →

The Mysterious Mystery (Tanis Season One)

Spoiler Alert Until last year, I couldn't have told you what exactly a Podcast was. I had heard the term used before, but it was always something I wasn't apart of, a thing other, more knowledgable people listened to. Since... Continue Reading →

Magnum Opus

This game is a cut above. Layers of Fear came out for early release a few months ago, and for our YouTube channel, we played it together. The completed game was finally released a few weeks ago, and just last... Continue Reading →

Amazing (Dis)Grace

A Joke That Was Never Funny I think I speak for all of us when I say this has gone on long enough. Last night's performance at the Republican Debate in Detroit was just that, a performance. But we're entering... Continue Reading →

The Next Big Thing

Where do I even start? I got hooked on Hamilton the same way so many others do, a recommendation. Sam and I had heard from friends online that it was something that we desperately needed to listen to, but for... Continue Reading →

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