Well, we took a hit.

Hilary Clinton managed to claim a decisive victory over Bernie Sanders in Nevada two days ago. And that’s all right, it was something most voters and pundits were expecting. Hilary always had a commanding presence in Nevada, leading approximately sixty points only six months ago. By Saturday night, she managed to scoot out a win by five points, with fifty-two percent for Hilary and the forty-eight for Bernie.

Although most people were expecting Hilary to come out on top, everyone loves an underdog. Most Sanders supporters, myself included, couldn’t help but imagine a scenario where Bernie could take Nevada when he had no chance of winning just half a year ago. That would really show the party that change was necessary and forth coming.

Well it didn’t quite turn out that way. But we can keep it in perspective. Hilary gains eighteen delegates to Bernie’s fourteen, and in the scope of the full Primary election, there’s a long way to go and many more states to cover. Bernie still has time to make up what he’s lost in Nevada. The tie in Iowa and the victory in New Hampshire really helped bring some momentum to the movement.

Still, from watching the reports from Saturday, I couldn’t help but feel a little deflated, and many of the people I follow seemed to feel the same way. No one likes when the underdog takes a hit; we were hoping for smooth sailing all the way to the general election. As it turns out, it’s not going to be that easy.

So that’s why I want to take a moment to speak to all of the Sanders supporters out there and issue a challenge to the Clinton supporters and Republicans.

We will not lose heart.

I think I speak for most of the Bernie Sanders supporters when I say we represent the energy in the party. It’s the invigoration that comes when we realize that we really could change something here. We already saw a tie in Iowa and managed to come out on top in New Hampshire, a feat no one would have expected just a few months ago. Bernie isn’t the favorite to win for most, and he’s not the perfect candidate by any means. But right now, in the year 2016, he stands for the kinds of change we’re looking for in the American Government. Civil liberties, affordable higher education and healthcare, and most importantly the removal of money from politics. 

Many Democrats are willing to settle of Hilary wins the Primary, but it sends a message to many of us who support Sanders.

We were mistaken from the beginning.

He was never a serious candidate.

Money always pulls out in the end.

Bow your head and take what you get from the establishment.

Well I’m here to decisively say, fuck that noise. Bernie wasn’t a serious candidate perhaps six months ago, but now, he’s a force to be reckoned with, and we can feel it. So just because he might have taken a hit in Nevada does not mean we get to throw in the towel and just let the established way of doing things take the reigns from us. There’s still a long road ahead, and as long as we keep showing our support and making an effort to go out and vote, we can keep him in the race and perhaps still see him chosen for the nominee.

If we settle for Hilary, take what we’re given and do what we’re told, I think we might see a lot of the energy drain out of the Democratic Party, something the Republicans are waiting for in order to seize the presidency. We who support Bernie are the ones making the signs, shouting at the rallies, and making our voices heard. Maybe it’s not about the revolution for some, but even the thought of a more fair American system gives us the volume to shout high above the insane dissonance of the Republicans and the droning Clinton campaign. So stay steadfast and keep pushing forward.

We took a hit, but we’re not out of it yet.