I want to preface by saying, I make no promises.

Promises of consistency or schedules. Posting on time or the same things.

I just want to post what I want at the time, a place where I can lay it all out, more for me than anyone else.

See, I’ve always loved the idea of running a blog. I write sometimes, and I’ve tried my hand at being a deep-dark novelist who writes all the time. Thus, the idea of a blog was always appealing. Writing down all of the amazing thoughts I had throughout the day, recording in a journal style all of the little things that we lose moment by moment. Obviously, the next step would be discovery by a firm or a journalist outlet where I could publish my thoughts for obscene amounts of money. Then follows the interviews on Ellen, trying to be modest about how my writing has changed to many lives and how I’m the next Sara Koenig or Ira Glass.

As you can see by the titles of the blog, this is what I really do for a living. And because the image of success from something obviously so minor is so strong, I set myself up to fail and I never write anything. My standards are much too high for this medium.

So in starting a blog that I actually want to have anything to do with, I’m making this vow right here in this first post. And the vow is to make no vow. There isn’t a schedule for posts, if there was I wouldn’t keep to it. There isn’t a theme for the blog, if there was I would immediately break it. But I just find myself wanting to write things, so maybe this is a place to do that. I’m not sure, like I said, no promises, so I don’t know what this really is, if I’m trying to answer the question of the title. All I know is that it’s me, and that’s really all I can say about it.