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February 2016

People are Hungry

I've been thinking a lot about food.    When asked about human nature, John Green said something akin to, "I think humans are hungry." At first, I thought he was being literal, which seemed obvious, but he went on to... Continue Reading →

So You Want to be a Superhero? (Part 2)

Well, I can see that you understand what we talked about last time.      In fact, you understand protective wear so much, you decided to put that super suit together as soon as we got done. All I can... Continue Reading →

So You Want to be a Superhero? (Part 1)

So you want to be a superhero? You got your superpowers? Check. You got your tragic backstory? Check. You got a hideout or base? Check Well all of those things are great start, but as important as your powers are,... Continue Reading →

Everyone Can Paint

If you've been around for the last twenty years, you know about Bob Ross. I always remember seeing his show on TV when I was kid, I always thought it was very soothing. The few episodes that I did get... Continue Reading →

The Bullshit in High Castle (Part 2)

Spoiler Alert And now, without further ado, I present how the last half of The Man in High Castle pilot episode proves to be even more stupid than the first. In order to delve into how contrived the plot is,... Continue Reading →

A Soviet Union: Marriage and Mission

Spoiler Alert Now this is television. I was going to wait to put this out until later, but I just watched the Americans to wash the taste of The Man in High Castle out of my mouth and I want... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop Believing

Well, we took a hit. Hilary Clinton managed to claim a decisive victory over Bernie Sanders in Nevada two days ago. And that's all right, it was something most voters and pundits were expecting. Hilary always had a commanding presence... Continue Reading →

The Bullshit in High Castle (Part 1)

Spoiler Alert Jesus Christ. Okay. As a history nerd, this show has everything you would want for a premise. Any history buff worth their salt has tried to imagine a world where the Axis didn't mess up the Second World... Continue Reading →

Gay Vampires (Seraph of the End Season 1 Spoilers)

So I have a bit of a confession. I watched the entirety of the first season of Seraph of the End three times in two days. Meaning I watched it twice all the way through one day, and then the... Continue Reading →

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